Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Got the time, got a chance, gonna make it, got my hands on your heart, gonna take it~

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

February 14th, a day in which people seem to either loathe to the very core by proclaiming they are anti-valentine'ers or want to poke Cupid with his own arrows (sadly, this is how the Pillsbury Dough Boy must feel every day with constant poking in his tummy).  On the other side of the coin, we have those cheerful folks who are dedicated to the holiday and cook heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast, and have surprises in-store for others that spread love like butter on toast.

Sure the occasion is commercial, I think it always has been, but people just take more notice of it now. The message that is clearly stated seems to be: If you don’t buy your partner expensive presents that day in which we are selling, don’t expect to get laid, let alone be loved. Harsh message to digest but in my opinion, should be taken with the grain of salt.

A good example is this: Let’s say you go and buy an extravagant bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend since this is obviously what the retailers are expecting of you. It’s a home run in your mind since this is what every woman wants, right? Wrong… when you present her with the enormous bouquet  of flowers, she starts to cry, and tells you that you’re an insensitive jerk and never wants to see you again. As the door is slammed in your face, you walk away with the flowers you thought would guarantee that she'd tell all her friends what a wonderful man she had. So honestly, what the hell went wrong??! In this scenario, which would stress my point, your girlfriend is actually allergic to flowers and so instead of romancing her in a way that actually gave her an impression that you thought about her needs, you went and just took the easy way out.

I’m not saying flowers aren’t a good gift for a woman, it is certainly appropriate, same with traditional purchases of jewellery or lingerie, and anything else that is advertised in abundance. What I am saying is that don’t buy something for someone with the mind frame of "it’s what is expected of me." Know what they want, put meaning behind everything you do, and not just on Valentine’s Day but everyday. Then it will truly be the perfect gift for life.

So that’s my two cents for today.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, mine was great! I wasn’t sure I would be able to deliver goodies as I did last year, so Cindy was a doll and made a special delivery of her mouth-watering cherry chocolates for me! I don’t think I need to buy chocolate from the store anymore, I can order from her.

Bill asked me out for Valentine’s Day, so we had a fantastic Saturday night together seeing Paris Black’s Dirty Kisses show at the Capitol Theatre! Not a big turn-out, but Paris still put on a great show in Windsor. He was engaging the crowd by bringing people up on stage (Bill and I were two of those people!) to dance. In his performance, you could see how connected he felt with his music just by observing how he was grasping the microphone and his body movements with certain emotional and slower songs. After intermission, when Paris stepped out as Billy Idol, you could really see his comfort level entirely. He got everyone up out of their seats and dancing in the aisles! I also liked the moments when he posed as a statue on stage for just a minute or two. He reminded me of a mannequin, so since that is a huge fetish of mine, I was in my glory! Hehe…

Paris Black

Our first Valentine's Day together

I should mention that the opening musician Paul Beresford was unbelievably talented too especially when he performed Don’t Stop Believing and Lights by Journey, as well as 4 Non-Blondes hit What’s Up. I took tons of pictures with my camera!

We didn’t go to the after party that was going on at the Whiskey, so we stopped by Jade for some Chinese food to fill our rumbling stomachs, and had our own little remaining celebration.

I can definitely look back on this Valentine’s Day and smile! Billicious, you are “Amazing.”