Sunday, January 18, 2009


I need to vent.

What is with the constant need to be on a cell phone or text message?! Please for my sanity, explain this to me! Seriously, is our society becoming so “connected” that everyone has to talk EVERY SINGLE second of the day? I understand for certain professions the need to be in contact, but for the rest, can you please have some respect and leave the room if you need to take a call or hold off texting while someone is actually talking to you! It is extremely rude! Recently, I experienced a woman saying “hold on a second while I wipe!” and she came out of the stall and carried on her phone conversation.

Is there no sacred time away from technology? I am guilty of being on the computer a lot but there is a limit where I need to take myself away and do something else. Here’s a good question that I’ve been pondering, would you actually text message during a funeral? I would be sickened personally since you are there to honour the deceased and show respect to the family, not check who poked you on Facebook! I won’t even get into how I would love to take away the licences of people who have this dire need to text while driving. Pull your vehicle over and text till your hearts content! The sad part about all this, I’ve seen this happening more with young children in the car which poses an even higher risk then if you’re just alone or with other adults. It’s bad enough I get to catch a glimpse of women who are putting on their lipstick or mascara driving along or the funniest was a man shaving with an electric razor and almost running a red light. Too bad it wasn't a blade, he could have cut himself open and then there would be a reason for someone to use their cell phone to call the paramedics!!

I’m just thinking now about the episode on Seinfeld where George Costanza tried to get away with eating a sandwich during sex; Sex and the sandwich  I’m awaiting the day when I'll hear about someone who has experienced an incident where their partner started to text on their phone right during sex... most likely in the dark.

Replace "if you don't get off the shed" with "if you don't get off your cell phone" and I think we have an idea of what I’m feeling! SNL Shed Skit Audition (could not find the actual clip)