Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ode to Anton, Rudiger, Anna and Lumpi

I took a chance and sent money to a stranger who promised me that he had the entire series of The Little Vampire tv show that I have been yearning to have for years now. It was a risk, but one in my heart I felt I needed to take.

Well, I am now in the possession of all 13 episodes (English and in superb quality!) of my all-time favourite program, thanks to Dean who lives in the UK!

I'm on such a natural high right now! If anyone wants to come over sometime to watch the show, please let me know. We can do a Hilarious House of Frightenstein/Little Vampire marathon. My only requirement: you must wear a cape!

A few clips below:

This was a tribute video from the show, with Alphaville's "Forever Young" playing in the background.

They can see in the dark

The intro to the show.

Make a friend who can fly, fly oh so high