Monday, August 14, 2017

Caesars Windsor Presents: Tony Orlando

I love being able to see live shows and although I am pretty eclectic with my tastes in music (I can go from Abba to Apoptygma Berzerk in a heart beat), I won't deny though that there is something so comforting and romantic about the doo-wop era and all those golden oldies.

Being a Total Rewards Member has its perks (did I mention it's FREE to join up to reap the benefits?) because one of the best parts of being a member is the concert invites! Sometimes it will be one show, and other times I get lucky and get multiple offers! I was tickled pink when I was notified about tickets for Tony Orlando! This would be my second time seeing him at Caesars Windsor (first for Bill!), and so what a great week-night date idea. I like the fact that we don't know until we get to the box office what seats we're getting, although this time I was asked about my preference for either balcony or floor seats.

Even if you've never really heard much of Tony's music, it doesn't matter because the show is full of surprises! He is such a natural story-teller and has a way to engage his audience that you immediately feel connected. The couple he brought up on stage celebrating 60 years of marriage was so beautiful and inspiring, as he sang to them, his version of "You Are So Beautiful To Me." #marriagegoals

He also brought up this burly former wrestler who was just a character in himself, but the guy was a huge fan and they were having some fun banter back in forth on stage. "I tweeted you on Twitter and you never tweeted me back!" Hahaha...hilarious.

Tony is such a genuine soul, going through some extremely difficult times in his life and coming back stronger than ever. He really cares about his entire band, showcasing each member and their abundance of talents. The show lasted approximately 2 hours, which was really impressive. He was panting and sweating, plus losing his voice a little, but carried on like a true performer.

A great night with my babe and I hope Tony comes back again because he is worth seeing time and time again!

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Find Tony on Facebook: Tony Orlando

Monday, July 31, 2017

Luck Be A Lady: Our 2017 Trip to Stratford

I'm trying to catch up on blog postings and I realized that I never shared our trip to Stratford, so I hope I have convinced you to book some time out of your busy schedule and take a trip down to Stratford for the day or evening and catch one of their incredible musicals or plays!

Stratford Theatre has many different promotions that go during the season. Our favourite is the $29/ticket where they randomly pick your seats! It is usually just for a limited time, so we had to make a decision whether to go this year or not.

As an early celebration to our 9 year anniversary, we made a spontaneous decision to go during the week and check out another play, this time; Guys & Dolls.  We also booked a complimentary Stratford Warehouse Tour too, which actually ended up being a private tour! It was a great experience and we saw so many costumes from all the other plays, plus got to look at various props and learn some history.  Another cool part was at the end where we could choose our own costumes and pose for photos! 

After the tour, we walked around a bit (wow the humidity was pretty brutal but we lucked out with just a few drops of rain during our visit!) and headed to the souvenir shop so I could pick up some presents for my family. I got my brother a Stratford hat and my parents Guys & Dolls t-shirt. I also bought myself a t-shirt because it was in purple, my favourite colour! <3

Guys & Dolls was absolutely incredible and we had great seats! The cast was so energetic! The dance scenes were flawless and you could tell the time and dedication that was put in. You could really feel the emotional connection between characters and the chemistry. Also, the vocal chops on the actors and actresses were phenomenal. I admit, I didn't know all the songs, but I don't mind when that happens because I grew to love so many!  I don't have any photos of the inside because there are absolutely no photos allowed during the performance. Just being there and enjoying the experience was delightful. 

Once the performance was done, we were both very hungry and ready for a good meal. We booked a reservation prior to the show at our favourite spot; Fellini's.  They get extremely busy! I will admit that I was a little apprehensive on eating out at a restaurant because of all the digestive issues going on with me, but I didn't have any problems at all. I limited the amount of bread that I ate for our bruschetta appetizer.  Sorry, no photos of our meals, as I just enjoying a quiet and relaxing meal with my honey and didn't take out my camera.  

To end the meal, we stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! If you want THE BEST chocolate, go here. Oh so good! Bill had a mouth-watering Tiger Peanut Butter Cup and I had a yummy cashew cluster.

By the time we finished our chocolate treats, it was time to head back to Windsor! 

We had a wonderful little mini-getaway and I felt very rejuvenated and ready to get back to regular every day life.  

Enjoy some of the photos that I took of our trip. As always, if you wish to use any of them, please contact me. :)

Bill belongs in the theatre, doesn't he?

I had to take a photo of this because of the mannequins

Some of the costumes
More props used for various performances

Feeling like royalty, complete with the almighty look

Us posing

One of my favourite photos that I captured. So peaceful
Walking along the gorgeous pathway by the river, this guy is busy cleaning himself
Pretty flower from the gardens

Blab Media Emoji Prize Pack Winner!

Look what I got in the mail today? :)

I won an Emoji prize pack from Blab Media!!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Spicing Up Your Life: A. Vogel Herbed Sea Salt Review

It’s always a bit of a panicked feeling when you realize that you’re pretty low on spices and yet in your head there are numerous dishes that you want to make. I received a complimentary bottle of A. Vogel Herbed Sea Salt from Social Nature, which came to the rescue today for lunch!  I will admit that i’m not usually a big fan of sea salt, but lately it’s been really growing on me.

The blend of organic spices (rosemary, thyme, basil, chives, etc...) mixed in is quite tasty. I added only a sprinkling to my veggie/hummus wrap and a little bit on the sweet potatoes, which was the perfect amount.  I can envision putting this in mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and all kinds of soups! I honestly don't think I would like this as much without the herbs.

My lunch - Mixed veggies with hummus on a tortilla wrap,
side salad with blueberries, roasted sweet potatoes and pickles!

The bottle design was a bit tricky to figure out with opening at the top, but I really like the sliding feature that allows you to put in the desired amount and then just gently slide back into place to seal and stay fresh.

Instead of having the salt shaker around, I think this Herbed Sea Salt by A. Vogel, has earned a place on the table.

A few extra bits of product information claims:

Free from artificial flavors, additives, and preservatives
Free of top 11 allergens
Certified Organic
Non-GMO Project Verified
MSG and Gluten-Free

#trynatural  #howdoyouherbamare #gotitfree

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival 2017

"Gone Mental" (Bill does mentalism acts in his show - thus created a play-on-words for the title!) is a fun, interactive performance that has comedy, mentalism, magic, side-show tricks and much more!

We really appreciate the support from those who have taken time out of their busy and hectic schedules to support Bill's show and all of the other excellent performances going on!

The Windsor-Walkerville Fringe Festival is a great way to showcase multitudes of talent from local artists to international ones that have chosen Windsor to perform at!

If you can't make any of the shows, no problem at all, but it only takes under 10 seconds to click any of the buttons below to share to FB, Twitter, etc... and let others know about all the cool shows happening! No excuse not to do that, you're already reading this message! ;)

Without support, these events can't and won't continue.

Let's make the remaining days of Fringe, the best ones yet!

Schedule for Fringe:

All the great performances taking place at Fringe

"Gone Mental" fans we made for every audience member! 

The BIG deck of cards  Photo by Melissa F. Arditti
3 of hearts -  Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Iron Garrote - Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Thank you so much to the following news publications!

Windsor Star Coverage - Bill Nuvo - Gone Mental Show

The Windsor Star Coverage for Fringe Festival 2017

CBC Fringe Coverage

Snapd Windsor Coverage

Monday, July 24, 2017

Chocolate Heaven with So Delicious & Social Nature

I've been mostly dairy-free now for a few months now (with the occasional, oops did I just eat something with milk in it moment!) and although I am not seeing huge changes in my digestive issues, I am really enjoying experimenting with non-dairy products that are making my tummy feel happy.

I belong to a great site called Social Nature and so I was very excited when I opened up my e-mail to get a note saying that I was chosen to receive a complimentary voucher to try out any of the So Delicious Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts!

Heading to the natural foods freezer section of our local Zehrs, there were several flavours to choose from, but the Dark Chocolate Truffle really caught my eye.

Being non-dairy, the cashew milk works well and it very subtle. I also love the organic tapioca starch that seems to be a staple in a lot of dairy-free products. The fair trade cocoa is extremely decadent, so you don't need to finish off the whole container (even though you probably want to - YES it's that good!) I also love the smooth and creamy-like texture, which makes you feel like you're eating regular ice cream. The bonus is without the digestive upset.

The only downside is that it is tough to scoop out right away. You need to wait a bit until it is thawed more and then just dive right in with your spoon. However, a small price to pay for such goodness!

Highly recommended and I cannot wait to try more products!

#frozengoodness #trynatural #gotitfree

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Well we had a really special Father's Day this year. Bill suggested that we take my Dad to see Elvis perform! Of course, not the real Elvis (he is deceased) although some people claim to have seen him in their toast, their morning coffee and various other places in the world. 

Anyhow, Elvis impersonators are in abundance, but not all make the cut for engaging a crowd or even having the vocal chops. Our friend Norm Ackland Jr. is multi-talented and pretty top notch in our books. We gathered up Dad, my Mom and brother, Michael, and all of us went to Lakeside Park to support Norm and spent the afternoon tapping away our blue suede shoes! 

A great shot captured by my Dad of Elvis (aka Norm) performing


Hilarious video footage I took of Bill and another audience member shakin' it! :)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Get the Balance Right

Hi everyone! My results came back normal. My colon is perfectly healthy (I actually saw images of it!)  and so to complete my work up, my GI doctor wants to do an MRI. From how it looks right now, it appears that the issues are "functional" problems caused by my pelvic floor dysfunction (aka overactive muscles). This was not a problem for quite some time, but due to many life events, I couldn't get my stress under control and we all know that stress wrecks havoc on our bodies. It has reared its ugly head and manifested itself in other ways that I hadn't previously experienced, especially with unnerving digestive distress.

My symptoms were and still are concerning and although I tend to be a little on the hypochondriac side due to a lot of previous trauma, I didn't want to play roulette with my health.  However, now that I know what is going on, i'm trying to figure out ways to cope. I am going back to physiotherapy and incorporating massage into my routine, along with also dealing with the emotional side of things because there truly is a brain gut connection, which i'll talk about in another blog.

I find that taking photographs is really peaceful and it allows me to get lost in the moment, so here are a few I took recently. I'll update again soon. Thanks for all the support everyone. Enjoy!


Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Simple beauty

Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Out for a walk with my Dad and look what we see!

Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day contest entry for Property Mom

Wow, I am really touched that my entry about my mom was chosen as the big winner! She won a lovely gift certificate for Piccolo's here in Windsor, Cineplex movie tickets and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

This is a great contest that Property Mom is doing and the best part is that every month another mom gets an opportunity to win something awesome!

Click on the link below to find out how to enter!

Property Mom's Contest - Click here!

I decided to do a written entry and so if you're curious, here it is! Many tell me that I really have a way with words. I am really proud of this.  Enjoy!

My Mom

We call her SuperMom. It’s not because she can pull off wearing a cape and still look amazing in tights, but for the simple reason that she embodies so many wonderful qualities that have graced us over the years.

During the hardest times of my life, my mom still has the ability to make me laugh when she tells me zany tales of her youth. Like the time she wore two completely different shoes on her way to a job interview by mistake because she was nervous or the embarrassing moment when she was walking and didn’t realize she was wearing over-sized underwear and they fell right down in the middle of the street.

My mom is like a best friend to everyone she meets. Her smile is contagious and she holds no judgment because she knows what it’s like to be different.  

The devotion over the years to her husband shows that vows still truly mean something with the words “in sickness and in health,” as she has been by my father's side without a moment of hesitation.

True love between partners can last a lifetime, but the love given from a mother certainly does deserve a lifetime of love.

Strolling through Reaume Park

We certainly had beautiful weather yesterday and so after dinner last night, we took a nice stroll around the Reaume Park.

There is a cute little ice cream place that has a plethora of ice cream flavours, slushies, sundaes, etc... When "chocolate peanut butter" is involved, you know Bill has to have it. Kind of nice because they also had dairy-free options, so he treated me to some lemon gelato!

This is considered a "single scoop" by the way. Holy moly!