Monday, August 14, 2017

Caesars Windsor Presents: Tony Orlando

I love being able to see live shows and although I am pretty eclectic with my tastes in music (I can go from Abba to Apoptygma Berzerk in a heart beat), I won't deny though that there is something so comforting and romantic about the doo-wop era and all those golden oldies.

Being a Total Rewards Member has its perks (did I mention it's FREE to join up to reap the benefits?) because one of the best parts of being a member is the concert invites! Sometimes it will be one show, and other times I get lucky and get multiple offers! I was tickled pink when I was notified about tickets for Tony Orlando! This would be my second time seeing him at Caesars Windsor (first for Bill!), and so what a great week-night date idea. I like the fact that we don't know until we get to the box office what seats we're getting, although this time I was asked about my preference for either balcony or floor seats.

Even if you've never really heard much of Tony's music, it doesn't matter because the show is full of surprises! He is such a natural story-teller and has a way to engage his audience that you immediately feel connected. The couple he brought up on stage celebrating 60 years of marriage was so beautiful and inspiring, as he sang to them, his version of "You Are So Beautiful To Me." #marriagegoals

He also brought up this burly former wrestler who was just a character in himself, but the guy was a huge fan and they were having some fun banter back in forth on stage. "I tweeted you on Twitter and you never tweeted me back!" Hahaha...hilarious.

Tony is such a genuine soul, going through some extremely difficult times in his life and coming back stronger than ever. He really cares about his entire band, showcasing each member and their abundance of talents. The show lasted approximately 2 hours, which was really impressive. He was panting and sweating, plus losing his voice a little, but carried on like a true performer.

A great night with my babe and I hope Tony comes back again because he is worth seeing time and time again!

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