Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lighting up Windsor 2014

It was Sunday evening and I was tucked warmly into my bed, watching tv, when I got a Facebook message from Bill, asking if I wanted to go out.  Of course, he wouldn't tell me where we were headed, so I started to ask questions because I really hate surprises. Well, okay, I don't HATE them, but I get a little anxious not knowing what I should prepare myself for. I'm kind of a planner/let-me-write-that-on-the-calendar type of girl and so every once in a while, Bill throws me off and we do something spontaneous.  Just last month, we went out for groceries, came back home, and decided to hop in the car to Kitchener to see Masters of Illusions that night.

So, getting back to Sunday, Bill surprised me with a trip out around town to see the beautiful holiday decorations and lights. He knows that I love doing this. They were so pretty and I was oooh'ing and ahhh'ing.  Christmas music was playing on the radio and it was just perfect.

Heading home, we stopped off for a quick bite to eat at A&W. As we got back into the car, "Do They Know It's Christmas" was playing. Sadly, I only caught the end, but I was just saying earlier how much I wanted to hear that song on the radio. Fate? Maybe... or perhaps it is known that radio stations will play repetitive Christmas tunes all December long, so it was only a matter of time. I think that's more likely, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she? :)

So here are some photos that I took of our fantastic outing around Windsor, Ontario!


I'm also including some video footage that Bill took with his cell phone. The music was from the houses we went, and if you hear some background noise, that's the cars whooshing by. Enjoy some Bright lights

Lastly, I wanted to share our tree! It is all lit up with purple glittery bat garland and decorative ornaments. Complete with our pal; Fred (with his head on and then losing it - cool Halloween prop that I was scared at first but I have grown to appreciate our sweet Dead Fred), my beauty of a gargoyle; Virtue, Rocky; peeking out of the tree, a lemur on top and a pretty changing colour snowflake.

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