Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Honey Badger Bistro Gives a Sh!T

Okay so let's first get this out of the way because I know by reading the title, you are immediately thinking, is she going to be talking about the hilarious viral video featuring nature documentary footage guessed it, the honey badger? The answer is no.  What I will write about is The Honey Badger Bistro that I recently dined at for lunch with a friend, located at 5957 Wyandotte St. E, in Windsor, Ontario.

First impression walking in: cozy and cutesy, especially reading the wall art starting off with “you are the ham to my sandwich, burger to my fries...”

As an appetizer, we commenced with the white wine garlic mushrooms, served with pita bread. It was absolutely delicious.

The button mushrooms were nice and firm, and there was a rich taste with the garlic butter reduction. One thing to note though; there needs to be a serving spoon for the mushrooms.

We both had similar entrees. The portions were large, which is always a plus. Jen had the grilled vegetable wrap, and added chicken, while I had the grilled chicken wrap with bacon, mixed cheeses, lettuce, and tomatoes. I asked for the roasted garlic mayo on the side.

The chicken was juicy and, although we both would have liked a whole wheat tortilla, as opposed to the white flour one, grilling them made a big difference.

The French fries that accompanied our meals were extremely crispy, which I overheard the waitress tell another patron that they actually blanched the fries to get it to that level of crispiness.

The only complaint; nix the salt.

For dessert, we were tempted by the triple layered chocolate cake, however the waitress informed us that they had just run out. So, the option was to go with the carrot cream cheese cake. It was huge, so we split it.

The cake had fantastic flavour and, surprisingly, not overly sweet. It was a great way to end the meal.

The service was pretty good. I think our waitress felt a bit overwhelmed at times, as more patrons flowed in suddenly, but she was incredibly kind and really made our first visit enjoyable.

Overall, a great little place to dine for lunch or dinner.

Honey Badger has a plentiful menu and, if you like mac and cheese, they have numerous varieties that may pique your interest.

The prices may be a bit high from what you would expect, but realize that you’ll probably be bringing a good portion home for a second meal. Oh, and don’t worry about leaving the kids at home, they have a kids menu, too.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a website, but hopefully that will soon change.

UPDATE: Wow, looks like they have closed permanently, as of December 20th, 2014. This was quite a shock going to their page!