Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy 34!

Happy birthday to me!

Since Bill couldn't be around for my actual birthday this year, he gave me my present early. I had no idea what I was getting, the only hint was "it's something very you."

So here is the original 1981 vinyl (from Germany!) of the album Faith, by my favourite band, The Cure. Bill also got them framed, so it is now hanging up in my office!

He chose this particular record because it said "Faith," which just so happens to be my middle name.

The second part of my gift was a wonderful massage gift certificate that I can use when I need a little pampering. Once the cold weather hits, my muscles will be saying "rub me!"  Thank you babe! You are truly wonderful.

A huge thank you to my parents for taking me out for lunch today to Casey's, travelling earlier this year to North Carolina, so I could spend time with lemurs, and for everything that they do and continue to do for me!

I also want to thank my brother, who surprised me with a delicious assortment of my favourite chocolates; Ferrero Rocher.

My friend Ryan came by to spend some quality time together and we ate pizza, cake and watched many hilarious episodes of the Golden Girls.  :)

More birthday celebrations shall continue this week! 

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