Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Appreciation gifts

Aside from my other jobs, I do enjoy being "semi" self-employed. I like the freedom and the flexibility. I've met a number of interesting people over the years too. Some were great experiences, while others were less than desirable.

It often reminds me a bit of my Internet dating extravaganza's, except my goal is not to find love, but to help others succeed in their personal and professional lives.  Tutoring is very rewarding. My clientele is diverse and I couldn't be happier when those words of "I can't do it" turn into "Wow, I did it!"

Nothing says "I appreciate you Melissa" than a delicious slice of strawberry shortcake (one of my favourites!).  I suppose that a successful school year with a very special young lady from Korea was worth buying me an entire cake. She'll be going into high school in September.  :-)

I love making a difference in someone's life, and let's face it, reaping some of the benefits!