Monday, June 25, 2012

Summerfest 2012

Summer time is the best here in Windsor, Ontario because every weekend, there is something fun to do! We used to have the Freedom Festival and for probably the past 8 years, it has been called Summer Fest.  Still though, I always get stopped and someone will ask "So where's this Freedom Festival?"  People get used to a name and it's hard to break that habit. For the longest time, I was calling Shoppers Drug Mart, Big V!

I always love going downtown to the carnival, hearing the music playing in the background from the rides and the sounds of the carny-games when someone wins a prize. You always know who is on a first date too because the girl walks around with a starry-eyed look on her face, holding onto her little stuffed animal, while the guy is strolling by, proud as a peacock because he won it for her. It never fails either that you see the cutest little kid running with an ice cream cone that is just about ready to topple over...and of course, you're the one to witness the devastation on that child's face and feel compelled to buy him/her a new one.

You can't have a carnival without some entertainment. The "Buskers" came out to play and perform, so I took some photos of their acts.

Jangles The Clown and the talking white board

Wayne Tellier "The Fair & Honest Magician" with a rubber chicken named Murray

J. P. Magic - balancing and juggling

Bill Nuvo - Variety Entertainer - doing his famous ladder balance

*All photographs by Melissa Faith Arditti.

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