Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Think I Can

Movie Review

Young at Heart is a documentary about a group of energetic and fun-loving seniors who sing together in a choir to fulfill their own dreams and to touch the lives of other people. The film follows the joys and sorrows of several members as well as the tough decisions that choral director Bob Cilman is faced with.

It is inevitable that this enthusiastic bunch might be preparing for their final performances but the strong devotion and support given to perform with Bob's mentorship with any song thrown at them from Coldplay, Talking Heads, to The Ramones, was incredible, as well as their ability to memorize simple to complex lyrics. 

Two outstanding scenes for me occurred as they sung Bob Dylan's Forever Young for inmates in prison and the emotional rendition of Fix You by Coldplay during the finale.

The message is clear in this movie that it is never too late to be young at heart.