Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Talk Dirty To Me

Movie Review

In the movies, intimate scenes from the seduction all the way to the blissful orgasm are often made to seem effortless. In the film, Young People F***ing, five stories are told about young adults who are all faced with various complications that inhibit, no matter which way you want to phrase it, one simple goal: to f**k.

I’m not sure which story line I liked best, as they were all pretty amusing. The first date story was typical with the male playing the role of a womanizer. The harsh realization that the so-called player was not immune to being played (gotta love a taste of your own medicine) was great! 

The threesome tale was hilarious since it seemed that the act of eating actual food was more of an aphrodisiac then seeing his girlfriend with another man. 

I liked the how some of the relationships were filmed showing the awkwardness and clumsiness in scenes especially the friends with benefits as well between the long-term couple who wanted to spice up their bedroom activities but had no idea where to start. 

I also enjoyed seeing both sides of the coin with the ex’s story where it’s not always the woman who is unable to move on, but the man realizing his feelings run deeper than just a booty call. 

This was a good movie, and I’m pleased to see Canadian film makers are stepping up and not shying away from being a little risqué like our neighbours in the USA or even some ground-breaking world films that are also not afraid to push the limits. 

I will comment that they went a little overboard with the vulgarity but overall had a charismatic cast and this was definitely something different to watch. 

Although you can try harder to find some deeper philosophical meaning to what this film was really all about, the title couldn’t have been clearer.