A Samoyed Tale: My Dog Boo Q&A with Author, Scott Rawlings

Often viewed as "a faithful life companion" My Dog Boo is a special book written and illustrated by Scott Rawlings about ... you guessed it, his beloved dog Boo!

All aboard the imagination train, as we follow Boo and all his crazy and fun adventures from taking a bath to having fun at the beach. Each page will make you want to know what funny antics he's up to next and a message that no matter what, Boo always has a place to call home.  

Scott's book My Dog Boo will also be showcased Thursday, July 1, 2021 on The Giggle Mat , so you’ll want to tune in for that episode.

Here is the Q&A for you to enjoy:

1. To those who may not know, what kind of dog was Boo and what inspired you to pick that type of dog breed?

Boo was a Samoyed. I had him for 15 1/2 years. I always loved the look of a Samoyed and their temperament is amazing with children and families. I also wanted the “wow” factor for my magic shows and making Boo appear on stage got that without me having to get a tiger!  Plus they are cheaper to feed. lol


2. Why the name “Boo” for a dog?

I had lists of names for Boo but I wanted something that reminded me of a white dog. The breeder had coloured paint on their heads, so she could tell one dog from another and Boo happened to have blue on his head. I also liked the name BLUE but then I thought, white like a ghost... BOO! That was it. His full name is MAGICAL BOO BEAR for the registration.


3. Can you share a funny story about Boo in real life.

Boo was very animated and he would talk to you in his own words.  He was very vocal and had mannerisms that were just so funny to watch. I miss him deeply.


4. What led you to create a children’s book on your dog, Boo?

I started to cartoon one panel cartoons for myself, then had them published in a weekly paper. I always liked Herman cartoons, one panels with a caption, so my friend said you should do 365 days of these and make a desktop calendar. So the challenge was on to come up with various situations, which I accomplished. 

After looking at all the cartoons, someone suggested that I do a book, so I looked at the images and created a story based on illustrations. It was kind of backwards, usually you write the story first, but I liked the idea of coming up with the visuals first because that’s what children like to see.


5.  Pets can teach us humans a lot without even realizing it.  What was one valuable lesson that Boo taught you that you still hold onto today?

Boo was loyal and giving and they just can sense your emotions, DOG spelled backwards is GOD and I really believe that people are so blessed to have a pet. They will give you everything without asking. 

I remember once going to the seniors home to visit my grandmother with Boo and everyone wanted to meet him, it brought the guests great joy and Boo loved all the attention. 

A story that really stands out to me was visiting a lady in the residence one day.  She hadn’t spoken a word, but was there with her husband. I felt compelled to go over and just introduce Boo to her and to everyone’s shock, she started talking. It was a miracle and her husband was amazed. It was truly a magical moment.


To purchase My Dog Boo and other books from Scott Rawlings, visit his sites below:

๐Ÿ’œWebsite:  www.mydogboo.ca 

๐Ÿ’œBlurb: https://www.blurb.ca/b/793696-my-dog-boo

๐Ÿ’œMagic Enterprises Productions: www.magicentprod.com

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My Special Blanket: Q&A with author, Pam Stradeski

Pam Stradeski is a fun-loving local children's author, living in Lasalle, Ontario. With several published books under her belt, My Special Blanket is bound to be a favourite to spark creativity in every child's heart, while encouraging special shared moments while feeling extra cozy. 

Pam's book My Special Blanket will also be showcased June 1, 2021 on The Giggle Mat , so you’ll want to tune in for that.

Enjoy my Q&A with author, Pam Stradeski below! 

1.   Your niece is such a talented artist, creating the illustrations for all your published books, including this one, My Special Blanket.  Can you describe your process of molding the writing and art together.  Does the story come first?  Do you get inspiration from the artwork?

My niece is a very talented graphic artist.  

All of the books were written before the artwork, but I always trust my niece to bring them to life beyond my expectations. 


 2.   You have an extensive background working with children, did that experience help with writing this book? 

I have always loved spending time with children and writing poetry. I combined the two loves to create this book and all the others.


3.  You are known as “Grandma Pam”  so what’s the best thing about being a grandma?

Honestly, EVERYTHING is the best about being a grandma! I am so blessed to be at home to help my 3 grand-daughters with their online learning.


4.  Everyone is unique with how they learn and play. How important is it to foster imagination in children?

I think fostering imagination is very important.  It helps children reach their emotional and social potential. 


5.  Where's your favourite “happy spot” here in Essex-County?

Now that Spring is here, riding my bike on one of Lasalle’s glorious trails is my happy spot. Once Summer arrives, I love to go in the swimming pool with my grandchildren. 


Check out all of Pam's links below!

๐Ÿ’œWebsite to purchase the book: https://www.grandmapam.com/2020/10/14/my-special-blanket/

๐Ÿ’œContact by email: beanie_crazed@hotmail.com