Friday, June 29, 2018

Quench Your Thirst: Flow Alkaline Spring Water Review

I was able to purchase Flow's Cucumber & Mint Flow Alkaline Spring Water, thanks to being part of Social Nature. #gotitfree #trynatural

Below you'll find my honest review!

2 - 500 ml tetra pak cartons of Flow Water

I really like the tetra pak cartons, as they are easily recyclable. The twist off plant-based cap was easy to open, unlike some other water product caps that can be rather difficult. It also was a good size that fit well into my purse and in the cup holder of the car for travelling.

The water had a very heavy cucumber taste, however I couldn't taste one drop of the mint flavouring. This was a bit of a disappointment as it clearly mentions the mint flavour!

I like that there was no added sugar or any type of sweeteners. However, reading further, the "alkaline" spring water claim felt like a trendy marketing label to justify a higher price point, as there is no evidence of real health benefits from drinking alkaline water.

Overall, it was a refreshing drink, especially now that summer is in full-swing and any form of hydration is essential. I did like the cucumber taste, or rather "essence" as they called it,  but wish it could have been toned down because I couldn't drink something that tasted so cucumber-y  on a regular basis, especially if there was no mint flavour combined with it.

Some of the other Flow flavour combinations look intriguing, so it may be worth scoping out another flavour to try, especially the watermelon + lime.

Flow Water (this particular flavour - Cucumber + Mint) gets 2/4 Muse's

Have you tried any of the Flow water products? If so, drop me a line and tell me what flavour you tried out and would you buy it again!

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