Saturday, June 23, 2018

NO Whey! Review on Powerbar Plant-Protein Bars

Just a few things to mention before I start into the review.

Fat often gets a bad wrap, but we need certain types in our diet. Usually it’s the trans fats and saturated fats that many tend to stay away.  Then there are the “healthy” fats, like avocados, which can be an acquired taste and taste great whether tossing a few slices on bread, in a salad, or blending up to make guacamole for dipping veggies and another snacks.  Careful though, if you have a sensitive digestive system, eating too many per day will give you uncomfortable bloating.

Next up, protein. Most of us probably think we are getting plenty, but chances are, we are not getting enough. One main source is meat. For ethical or even health reasons, as well as the higher costs of purchasing good quality meats, this is not a top choice for many people.  Another big source is beans. You know the tune, “Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.”  Pinto, kidney, chickpea, lima, etc... These are all excellent sources of protein, but not everyone can tolerate huge amounts in their diet.

Next we have our friend, fiber, which includes: soluble and insoluble. You can read about the differences with the links I provided.  Fiber is your digestive system’s best friend! You can get it in meats, grains, fruits, various vegetables and other sources of proteins, like nuts and seeds (especially flaxseed).

Then we have sugar, which I think we could all use less of overall. If you look at a lot of different protein bars, you’ll see they do contain a lot of good ingredients, but it is surprising to know how much sugar some of them have.

On with the review! Xy Stuff sent out 3 flavours of Powerbar Plant Protein bars to try out, in return for honest feedback! Thank you so much guys. :)

I know how much Bill loves the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, so I was quite excited to have him give his thoughts on that one.

The generous amount sent! #gotitfree

These bars have the following labels, if you care about them:

-No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners 
-Non-GMO Project Verified
-No soy ingredients (they use rice and pea protein) 

I dig my cute planner and often I am snacking at my desk doing work. :) 

*Just so I don’t repeat myself – all had good amounts of protein and fiber, just wish less than 10 grams of sugar per bar!

  • Almond, sea salt and dark chocolate - It had a good chewy texture and no aftertaste. A perfect on the go snack that will keep you filled. I really like the sea salt and chocolate taste.
  • Dark chocolate peanut butter  -  There was no aftertaste, but even with the tempting combo of chocolate and peanut butter, it still tasted quite bland. I would have enjoyed a more chocolate and/or peanut butter flavour.  With the high amount of sugar, you’d think it would be sweeter. Bill was very underwhelmed by it.
  • Cashew, salted caramel and dark chocolate -  the holy grail of deliciousness! They sure got this flavour spot on with the salted caramel. It has a nice chewy texture, no aftertaste and satisfied any desire for anything sugary the rest of the day.

Overall, these protein bars have some merit. They definitely keep you full and have a good amount of nutrition.  The price is comparable with many other brands. On their site it is approximately $30US for 15 bars. You can find them cheaper on other online shopping sites. The big deal breaker is the amount of sugar at 10 grams per bar.

The biggest test for me was having to wait at the specialist for over 3 hrs. Side note, I had a good appointment and will blog about that later. I made sure that I had a cashew/salted caramel and dark chocolate bar with me and I only started to get a bit of an appetite after I left. So it definitely curbs those afternoon hunger pains – but in no way would replace a meal, at least in my opinion.

PowerBar Plant-Protein Bars gets 3/4 Muse's.

What kind of protein/nutritional bars do you grab? Leave me your comments below or feel free to email me!  

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