Monday, October 2, 2017

Million Dollar Quartet at Caesars Windsor

Friday night, I took Bill's mom to see Million Dollar Quartet! We had a fun night out together, so thank you Caesars Windsor!

My thoughts on the show: Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash were top notch in my view. Carl Perkins was decent. Elvis though....while he had the moves, his voice was odd. Really high-pitched and not very "Elvisy" if you know what I mean. I realize this was back in the starting days of his career, but I didn't feel it at all. All I could keep thinking was "damn, my friend Norm Ackland Jr. (he is an ETA - Elvis Tribute Artist) should have been in this role!" Elvis' girlfriend Dyanne was quite the head-turner with her seductive charm and her sultry vocals during Fever was a nice touch, but I didn't particularly like her voice overall. Lastly, Sam Phillips (the man who initially discovered and launched the early careers of the guys, as well as the founder of Sun Records), he was alright. Definitely had that sleazy record producer vibe down. ;)

Anyhow, still entertaining performance to hear a lot of classic songs to bop along to like Walk The Line, Great Balls of Fire, That's Alright, Brown-Eyed Handsome Man, See You Later Alligator and more!

You can check out all the photos on the Caesars Windsor Facebook page, as there was absolutely no photography/videos allowed!

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