Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Not fooling us: Penn and Teller perform at Caesars Windsor

We went to see Penn & Teller at Caesars Windsor. Dating a performer, Friday/weekend outings are last minute because he is usually booked for gigs.

Anyhow, we caught a cool 80's band at Cosmo's before the show. My retro heart!! <3

Then it was off to see Penn & Teller. Getting mezzanine seats worked out because a. they were cheap and b. super comfy!

No photos or videos were allowed during the performance, so this was prior
to the show when people were just getting their seats.

I'll be honest, we were both not very impressed with this show. They started out strong with a fun inflatable bit, but then it went downhill fast. The performances we saw before at Caesars were much better choreographed. This felt sloppy and rushed at times. Lots of audience participation, but that didn't change our minds.

Teller was amusing, and his skill is definitely awesome, but again, something was missing. There were too many card tricks in the performance and a few tricks seemed to lack a logical ending. Staying optimistic for a kick-ass finish, we were let down with such a weak finale called the "Love Ritual" card trick that involved every patron, but sadly didn't end up working for everyone.

Penn also felt more vibrant in the past. Sure he's touring and probably exhausted, but "fool us" into thinking you're the life of the party on stage. That's your job. I felt his energy was lack-luster, despite his excessive talking. lol Seeing his weight loss in person was even more shocking than viewing photos of him online. I realize he slimmed down for health reasons, but I gotta say I miss jovial "chunky" Penn.

Highlights though were their new password prediction, the nail gun (one lady a short distance from us was yelling out loud because I think she was so freaked out!), their version of the light/heavy trick, the human blindfold and Teller's artistic shadow routine.

Once the show was done, the line up for the meet & greet was huge! It was very strange that Penn split up from Teller because that meant people would have to wait in-line twice. I'm not sure who had that bright idea. Although Bill did want to get their latest book signed, and also show them his foot-twisting trick, it just wasn't in the cards this time!

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