Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Katy Kat Collection

Well I had the opportunity to be a BzzAgent for the new and exciting Katy Kat Collection, which was a collaboration with one of the top rated make-up lines; CoverGirl, and artist Katy Perry. These are the goodies I received in the mail!

I chose the following 2:

Kitty Purry lipstick:


  • Packaging is very simplistic
  • Good amount of product
  • Lipstick lid snaps shut and stays in place after usage - hurray, no mess in my purse!
  • Light scent, but not overpowering
  • Creamy texture with the shea butter
  • Price is reasonable at $10.99
  • Glides on lips easily with a demi-matte finish that is rather natural looking
  • The colour looks a bit different from the swatches online. Much lighter pink colour.
  • You need to apply fairly often since the colour really fades over the course of a day

Katy Kat Mascara  - Perry Blue


  • Wand is a good size and offers a comfortable grip
  • Easy to apply product
  • Volumizes lashes to some extent
  • Doesn't clump or flake even in humid conditions (we've certainly had a hot & humid summer!)
  • Understated with little flecks of blue tint throughout my lashes (the other black mascaras in the collection might have shown up more bold, but I wanted to test out electric blue!)
  • Non-irritating after removing with eye makeup remover (at least for me, others may react differently, so just be cautious!)
  • Not as dramatic as expected. Several coats needed to really get that "electric" blue to stand out. Probably best with a thick layer of eye liner as well for a bolder look.
  • After a while, your lashes do feel a bit stiff.

Overall I enjoyed trying out these products. I would probably prefer a black mascara as that usually gives a more intense look to my eye without having to use any eye liner at all. The lipstick at first I didn't like because I felt it was too light but I received a lot of compliments and so the colour started to grow on me!  I guess I could layer on another colour and see how that looks too.

Thanks Bzzagent for another fun campaign! :)

Katy Kat Collection gets 3/4 Muse's

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