Saturday, August 6, 2016

A crunchy bite with Flamingo!

Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

It's really great when I come across a product line that offers delicious quality and taste because I know many people are always looking for easier ways to get dinner on the table.  Sometimes it's awesome to cook from scratch, but other times, if you can find a quick and healthy meal option that won't break your budget, why not?

Well I'd like to introduce you to a fantastic company that has been around for over 50 years and sought after by those in Qu├ębec, called Flamingo. Available all across Ontario now too, they offer a large selection of chicken and turkey products that you can see on their product list here:

I have only tried the Breaded Chicken breast Strips so far, but after purchasing one box, I went out and got another because they were so good! Sadly, most of the other varieties seem to be out of stock all the time, so I haven't been able to really experiment with other products, but I would like to.

A few things to mention:
  • Flamingo prides itself on offering many gluten-free options.  Personally, this was not a deciding factor for me, but if you or a loved one does suffer from Celiac Disease, I would highly recommend checking out this brand
  • The bread coating is made from puffed rice! I love the crunchiness too.
  • Far less greasy than most breaded chicken strips that I have tried in the past.
  • Lower in sodium (always a good thing!)
  • Place into the oven for about 20-25 minutes, make sure to flip over half way, cook the rest of the time and you're done.
  • Happy that they didn't stick to the tinfoil like many other frozen food products
  • Bake in the oven the whole batch and then use the rest for leftovers, which turns out great.
  • I really enjoyed dipping them into a honey mustard sauce for added flavour.
  • Breaded and unbreaded varieties are available

My only negative is that the price can be a little high at $10 per box, BUT they always seem to have promotions going on and if you can get a coupon (I lucked out on getting a $3 off coupon) and see a discount sale in-store, you can't beat that! Plus they are a healthier alternative than a lot of other frozen chicken products that are loaded with sodium and really greasy, so that is something to keep in mind.

Flamingo Chicken breast Strips gets 3/4 Muse's

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