Monday, May 30, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Root Cover Up Review: No Commitment Required

Hi everyone!

I've been having some fun lately experimenting with some new beauty-related products. This one is from L'Oreal Paris and it's their new Root Cover Up that people have been really buzzing about! 

So here's my thoughts on the product:  

-After one wash, it's all gone, so it's a temporary fix. It's good for a special occasion when you want to look extra glam and/or you're going to be photographed. 

-For me, it wasn't a dramatic change and my boyfriend sprayed several times to get everything even. I don't have a lot of grey roots, just some grey strains that pop up annoyingly throughout my head. 

-Ample amount of product, so this would last you at least a month or more, if you are not using it every day.

-Easy application, but shake well and spritz into the air first. No mess, although I was a bit hesitant so I covered my whole face in case any product colour got on me. We were outside when applying just to make sure nothing sprayed all over the place since it's an aerosol can.

-Makes your hair a little stiff after too, which is a downside. Maybe they can add some kind of moisturizer to combat that issue. 

-Ammonia/peroxide free, so no irritation!  I am one of those super sensitive individuals, so I was happy that I didn't get any kind of negative reaction.

-Several different shades to choose from. I got the dark brown.

Have you used this product yet? If so, leave me a comment or e-mail, telling me how you liked it and what shade you chose!

*Disclaimer: I got this product for free to test out, in return for an honest review.

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