Thursday, December 3, 2015

Made to feel at home at Bean N' Leaf

Standing in line at March 21 Bean N' Leaf
Photo by Melissa Arditti

Finally stopped into March 21 Bean N' Leaf located at 480 Pelissier St here in Windsor, Ontario, with my friend Jen.  It's a cute and cozy place that is surrounded with art work, trendy toy figurines from movies like the Minions and Toy Story, to other nostalgia that you can look at while you're waiting for your order.  Oh and yes, they have complimentary wifi, just need to enter a password to connect, and you're good to go on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Ever feel overwhelmed looking at a menu in a coffee shop? I know I can stand there for a while agonizing over all the options, thinking of trying something completely new, and then sticking to my favourites.  The chalkboard menu at Bean N' Leaf is plentiful when it comes to coffee, tea and other beverages. If you like your java, they do specialize in a method called "Pour Over Coffee," which is supposed to be a fast and efficient way of brewing. I'm not a coffee drinker, more a latte something-or-other here and there, but mainly tea.

Anyhow, if you have a sweet tooth, all of their desserts are made in-house. I opted out for tea, as we just finished dining at Pho Maxim (you can see my review here on that restaurant, if you're curious as to what i'm talking about: Pho Maxim  ) and I had a big pot of jasmine tea, so I was tea'ed out.

My eyes did go for the dessert section. I had a brownie, which was pretty good. Very chocolately, chewy and rich. I couldn't say it really stood out, as far as what a usual brownie would taste like, but it was still tasty. It looked kind of small for the price, but after finishing, it was more than enough. If you're going in for a drink and snack, expect to bring way more than a handful of change!

They even sell cereal by the bowl, although it's all the sugar-laden ones, so I'd love to see a healthy one thrown in or maybe some concoction of a nutritious granola mix, just in case someone was stopping by and didn't want an overload of sugar. I also noticed they have lactose-free milk on their board. Hurray! This made me happy, as many other places just have alternatives like soy, almond, or coconut.  I'm a lactose-free milk drinker, if you didn't catch on.

I just took one photo from my phone because my battery was running low, so don't mind the camera flash that you see in this blog. I'll probably go back and take more photos next time and then update this posting.

The owner is ridiculously friendly and will explain anything that's on the menu. You can tell how passionate he is just opening up canisters so you can smell different aromas to make your final choice. I love going into places like this where you're not just another number. The personal interaction where someone can answer questions and have a conversation without memorizing a script is a pleasant experience.

Date night, hang out, business meeting, catching up on school work, or just looking for somewhere a little different to go, this trendy cafe is a great addition to the streets of Pelissier here in Windsor!

Go and check them out on Facebook and leave me a comment and tell me what you ordered! :)

March 21 Bean N' Leaf get 3 out of 4 Muse's.