Monday, November 9, 2015

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Prisoner Re-Entry

Who doesn't love John Oliver? He's intelligent, passionate, witty and what can I say, I am a huge sucker for his adorable British accent. I am always looking forward to Monday morning because that's when I log into my Youtube account and get the latest dose of Last Week Tonight.

This week's segment was on Prisoner Re-Entry.  Obviously, a controversial topic but this was a really eye-opening video that deserves more attention.

Take 18 minutes out of your day, and watch the video:

My thoughts:

Things certainly need to change, especially in the USA. Many people deserve a chance at a better life once they have served their sentence. Don't just lump every offender together, toss them all behind bars and throw away the key.

The interview that Bilal Chatman did with John was brave. Bilal is a member of society, paying taxes, working hard, heck, he's even passionate about growing tomatoes! Trying to get others to see him as more than just an ex-con will be challenging, but hopefully his employer will continue to judge him on his actions today and not solely on his past.

Now, I believe that we should not turn a blind eye to those who are dangerous and/or repeat offenders, but let's not ostracize every single person when there is hope for rehabilitation.

A great piece today that reflects on how we as a society have the ability to think differently, advocate for change and provide others with the tools and support for a brand new life outside cell walls.

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