Friday, March 6, 2015

Signed, sealed, delivered, i'm Yours: Review of Fifty Shades Of Grey

So last night I watched the erotic and steamy film; Fifty Shades of Grey. It wadirected by Sam Taylor-Johnson and written by Kelly Marcel and E.L. James. The desire was mainly out of curiousity and to see what all the hoopla was about. So, I decided that I would write a short review on my thoughts.  It's been a while since my last update of anything that was unrelated to my family. A dose of fantasy had to come to the forefront though because sometimes reality is just too overwhelming.

The story itself kept my interest, as well as the on-going psychological games that both characters play with each other, perhaps very calculated or just out of human nature. As controlling as Christian is, Ana is no angel or sweetheart either, so the poor innocent virgin who gets manipulated by the wealthy dominant - not buying it. I'm not quite convinced that he's truly the most abusive and despicable human being.

Hold on! Before you think i'm insensitive to the nature of abuse, trust me, i'm clearly no stranger to it, but I think there is a real misunderstanding when you are used to a regular coupling (maybe you occasionally tie your partner up or have some dom/sub fetish play) to a serious arrangement which is based on a contractual relationship with consent along the way. It is imperative to understand that your purpose is to serve your Master, as he/she sees fit. You give up the power and surrender body,mind and soul, which Ana didn't fully do, but that seemed to excite Christian the most. She's a challenge, but he has the ace; taking her virginity.

You also get rewarded (as in the film, Ana got a new laptop and Christian bought her a brand new car for her submissiveness and to, of course, to show her the "good" life). Even when genuine moments of affection and love seep in, you can still feel that emotional distance take over Christian. The balance is tricky. No doubt, Christian has some major issues, but he's the boss, applesauce. It's a interesting dynamic going on, at least from the movie's perspective.

I have yet to read the trilogy of 50 Shades Of Grey, by author E.L James, to see how things progress. I liked the ending though because it really makes you feel so many different emotions on "what could be."

I didn't really feel the electric chemistry that should have been there. Some of the intimate scenes were well done, but if you don't invest in the couple on screen, it's difficult, at least for me, to feel anything more than a brief tingle. Acting-wise, i'd chalk it up to Magic Mike; absolutely awful. The dialogue lacked and at times, I went to check my e-mail, when Ana and Christian were having a long, drawn-out conversation.

I am intrigued enough to see the next film. Perhaps my feelings may dramatically change and i'll want to yell profanities at the screen, seeing how awful Christian really is, but for now, my opinion remains unchanged.

Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm Yours.

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