Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dad's progress

UPDATE: Just another update on my dad since I know a lot of our friends want to know how he is doing.

So I guess I could say that everyday is certainly an adventure for all of us! When i walk into the room, either my dad knows who I am or it takes him a bit of time to process. At first this was really hard to handle emotionally, but I have come to terms that there may be days where he doesn't remember my name, but he recalls details. The other day, he realized that I had my haircut.

My dad is feeding himself and we are trying to keep meals healthy. His appetite is still weak, but way better than before. He is also walking around a bit more and doing exercises that were prescribed by the physiotherapist, instead of always staying in bed.

We got him a whole stack of dvds and musicals to watch, so Fiddler on the Roof has been playing pretty much non-stop, along with The 3 Tenors. It makes him smile and stimulates his brain. We're going to try some cards today.

He is also communicating better as well, cracking jokes at times, although still a bit jumbled especially when he gets tired. So although some days are better than others, we are still very hopeful for more improvement as time goes by.

We are welcoming visitors who are able to provide *only* positive and upbeat conversation because that is what my dad is really responding to. Sometimes his mind goes back to certain topics, but the best thing to do is just say "everything is taken care of and there's no need for you to worry" and then change the subject.

I guess that's it for now. Our days are long and sometimes physically and emotionally exhausting. We just want to say thank you again to those who have actively been helping our family, in even the smallest of ways. Every bit counts so we can provide the best possible care and continue the path of recovery. It is all greatly appreciated.

~The Arditti Family~

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