Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

The inviting exterior of Tiffany’s Diner fronting Howard Avenue.
 All photos by: Melissa Arditti

There’s nothing like a good, wholesome breakfast to start the day. Tiffany’s Diner, located at 2883 Howard Avenue, is a cozy, little breakfast nook that has a retro-inspired nostalgic charm, paying particular homage to the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring the chic and sassy Audrey Hepburn.

The interior of Tiffany’s is inviting and tastefully decorated, augmented with the namesake lights.
Photo by Melissa Arditti
Let me say that customer service makes or breaks a restaurant. If you think that you can get away with lousy service, you’re sadly mistaken. I've worked in customer service related jobs and, even though that pesky phrase the customer is always right makes others cringe, any successful business owner knows that showing a little respect to an unsatisfied customer goes a long way.

There are always exceptions of course, but most of the time, people are not inherently out to get you and will kindly accept an apology and some sort of incentive. Word-of-mouth travels faster than any other means of communication so, if you don’t intend to train your staff well, be prepared to have a for lease sign ready when patrons no longer visit your establishment.

I am so impressed when an owner goes out of their way to make things right. This is exactly what occurred after the owner Kelley McDermid of Tiffany’s found out that my boyfriend, Bill Nuvo, and his daughter were unsatisfied with their experience.

Being absent due to illness that day, she was only going by what Bill recalled, but still treated him with the utmost respect. The issues were dealt with – mainly the waitress’ complete inattentiveness the entire time and a pea meal bacon disappearance and she insisted on breakfast on the house next time we were all available.

Instead of making excuses, that would obviously not win anyone back for another meal, she was genuinely interested in a second shot. I have to give props for that kind of customer service as it was the complete opposite of a previous restaurant, we had visited as first timers. We received a lack-lustre response from management and, quite frankly, a brush-off with no indication that our business was valued to them. Thus my money is spent elsewhere now.

So, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, we ventured back to Tiffany’s Diner and enjoyed a relaxing and tasty meal with friendly hospitality; exactly what you would think to find when walking into the diner.

Hydration is surely needed in this weather, so big glasses of water and an extra container for refills were set at our table.
Refreshing ice water. Photo by Melissa Arditti
I had the “Rise and Shine” breakfast. Delicious fried eggs, crispy bacon and rye toast with fresh homemade strawberry/rhubarb jam. It had a nice blend of tartness and sweetness. A little goes a long way.

Eggs and bacon with rye toast and fruit compote. Photo by Melissa Arditti
You won’t find my boyfriend eating eggs anytime soon, but that’s nothing against the restaurant. He is not an egg-person at all. However, he was very satisfied with a heaping amount of home fries and three juicy sausages (he added the ketchup) that will surely keep his energy going today.

Hand-crafted home fries and sausage. Photo by Melissa Arditti
Jordyn had an egg/cheese and ham sandwich on an English muffin with home fries. I couldn’t take the picture fast enough, as she delved right into it.

The egg sandwich on an English muffin with ham and cheese was devoured shortly after this photo was taken.
Photo by Melissa Arditti
Running a restaurant is not easy by any means, but being in business for 2 years and going strong, Tiffany’s Diner is doing something right. Talking to Kelly after our breakfast, she truly puts blood, sweat and tears into the diner and strives to make people happy. She loves her regular customers and welcome newbies in to experience affordable, fresh and local food here in our great city of Windsor.

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s? She said, “I think I remember the place, and as I recall, I think, we all kinda liked it.” And for breakfast, “Well, that’s the one place we’ve got.” (song lyrics adjusted from the original hit Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something)

For more information, visit Tiffany’s Diner on Facebook.

Update: Sadly, no longer in business!