Saturday, March 15, 2014

My prize-winning entry!

Here is my winning entry from Nature's Path Organic Foods and all the yummy products I won! They just arrived at my door step!

What does "Eating Clean" mean to me? *Note that I made no mention about avoiding all GMO-labelled food, eating chemical-free (everything IS a chemical, which is not necessarily bad! Check out the long list of what makes up an organic apple!), processed food, natural, or any term like that. I wrote from my heart and how I choose to live.

Personally, "eating clean" means making healthier choices. Adding more vegetables and whole grains, substituting french fries for a salad, reducing the amount of sodium, sugar and saturated fat intake, and nourishing the body with food that helps to prevent illness and keeps my mental health in good shape.

My lovely gift basket, courtesy of Nature's Path Organic Foods.