Friday, April 5, 2013

Feel the Cello Fury!

What do the art of classical music and the genre of rock actually have in common? Much more than one would think. Rock and classical music have a long history of being bedfellows. Both often use the same chord and tempo changes that you won’t often find in other music. However, sometimes you get a band together that rises above the status quo and uses methods of pure genius to create something spectacular and original.

Pittsburgh’s Cello Fury consists of cellists Simon Cummings, Ben Munoz,
Nicole Myers, and drummer, Dave Throckmorton.

Giving a well deserved bow to the classic metal gods, a glorious marriage of Beethoven and Metallica, with a side of Apocalyptica, has inspired the unique sounds that you hear today from Pittsburgh, PA’s star trio – Cello Fury. The group consists of three highly talented and power-driven cellists; Simon Cummings, Ben Munoz, Nicole Myers, and one sensational drummer, Dave Throckmorton.

Their new release, Symphony of Shadows, is full of precise clean sounds and is packed with dizzyingly fast deliveries in each song. If you look up Pathos (which is the name of one of the tracks), it means representing an appeal to the audience’s emotion. It is the perfect title because there it is flooding with emotional depth. It’s nice to not be disappointed and a song truly delivers what it states. The instrumentals are also revitalizing to the spirit with a zest of passion in every chord. The addition of the drums really gives an epic energy not often felt with classical music.

Another track, Going, is definitely a darker one, but still maintains an intense rhythmic selection that Cello Fury is quite noted for. It is a song that will make you weep with joy because of its balance of thriving energy and melodic sound quality.

Cello Fury’s originality deserves praise and recognition for combining fusions of sound that burst with intensity and passion. Listening to their music, they are truly a force to be reckoned with.

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