Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mannequin Love

Sometimes there are moments in life that you want to capture, put in a tightly-sealed bottle and store away for those times when you want to relive them. Well this week, I had one of those moments.

On a stroll, we stopped in a thrift shop to look around because you just never know what treasures you may find. Heading to the back of the store were all the furniture and electronics and this is where the magic happened. Bill found a mannequin bodice! She was perfect...and oddly enough had a very similar body shape to me.  Bill said that he had to get it for me. We could paint and decorate her any way I wanted and then it will be displayed in our bedroom. He always finds a way to make me feel beautiful and completely embraces my unusual passions, or some may say fetishes. The cashier rang her through and giddy as a school girl, we left. As the sun began to set, we walked home with my new mannequin.

There is just something about the way mannequins look that almost make you want to breathe life into them or just sit back and admire their stillness in parts or as a whole. They represent a beautiful piece of fragility within us all, so they are silent beauties. They also represent comfort and healing to me. I don't see them as just a piece of plastic mold or whatever texture they happen to come in.

Here she is. Quite stunning, don't you think?  I felt the need to cover her up properly for the photo and just add in one of my favourite movies; Mannequin in the background! :)