Friday, June 17, 2011

You Can Choose To See What Destroys Something

My movie review on:

In the movie, Fugitive Pieces, the innocence of a child is broken when a young Jewish boy living in Poland named Jakob (young-Robbie Kay) witnesses his family killed by Nazis. In his efforts to escape, Jackob is rescued by an Archeologist named Athos (Rade Serbedzija) who raises him. As the years go by, Jakob (older-playing by Stephen Dillane) is still haunted by painful memories and is consumed with finding out what happened to his beloved sister, Bella. (played by Nina Dobrev-well known for her lead role in the hit teen drama: Vampire Diaries)

The entire movie is very well directed and every emotion is captured so exquisitely with brilliant performances all around. The poetic narration expressed at the beginning shows the desperation of putting the pieces together and the mental exhaustion that seems to ruin any potential for a real romantic attachment for Jakob. 

Although this movie does have brooding moments, the bond between Jakob and Athos is heartwarming and genuinely portrayed. There is an enormous amount of passion during certain scenes that just bring you to tears. 

As an unexpected visitor appears, Jakob's thoughts of despair are challenged as the feelings that he has been yearning for are no longer buried so deeply in his mind as healing seems possible again.