Friday, June 17, 2011

The Road To Hell Is Paved By The Path Of Good Intentions

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In the movie, Happy Go Lucky, Poppy (played by Sally Hawkins) is an eternal optimist with a smile on her face and always laughing. She loves her job as an elementary school teacher and there is nothing that can get her down in life, not even when her favourite bicycle is suddenly stolen. Knowing that without a bike, she must learn how to drive, Poppy enrolls in a driving course. However, her new instructor Scott (Eddie Marsan) is anything but what Poppy could have imagined, as he has explosive outbursts in the car every time they meet. As their lessons continue, the constant negativity is wearing thin and Poppy realizes that Scott may be her biggest challenge yet. 

I liked the initial story at first, but then it just became scattered. I couldn’t get over how irritating Poppy’s character became and that thought grew stronger by the minute. Any of the serious topics that arose in the film seemed to be handled carelessly. The one exception would be the driving scenes which packed a powerful punch, but the rest of the movie had only fleeting moments of substance, mainly because of the supporting characters.

In the end, I was left with anything but a happy-go-lucky feeling.