Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Guessing Your Friend Is The Fat Version Of You

Movie Review

In the film, Funny People, those wild nights accompanied by debauchery seem like the ideal life for performer George Simmons (played by Adam Sandler). He makes a lot of money, never has to wait in line at a restaurant, people always want to pose for pictures with him and best of all, he never has to answer to anyone but himself. However, all that changes after finding out from the doctor that he has a rare blood disorder and the only hope is an experimental treatment. Reflecting upon his life, George realizes that the main thing that he needs to do is make amends with the one true love that he let get away. By hiring a down-on-his-luck guy, played by Seth Rogan, whose hopes are to get a big break in the stand-up comedy circuit, their friendship reaches a breaking point where life becomes more than just a few laughs.

There were definitely some humourous moments with Adam Sandler, Seth Rogan, Aubrey Plaza, and Jonah Hill in this movie, as well as the cameo appearances with stars, such as Ray Romano. The movie had potential to be very memorable, but somewhere along the way, it lost meaning up until the end, where it tried to redeem itself.

 The biggest disappointment for me was the overwhelming amount of vulgarity that seemed to dominant most of the dialogue. A joke or two, fine, but when every second word in almost 2 and a half hours is a profanity, it lost appeal. 

Trying to have a combination of comedy and drama could have worked well because Adam Sandler is not a one-trick pony type of actor, but unfortunately in this movie, these funny people still need to practice getting their acts together.