Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Thought Spoiling Your Day Was Better Than Ruining Your Life

Movie Review

In the movie, Run Fat Boy Run, directed by David Schwimmer (yep you’re not mistaken, Ross from Friends!) Dennis played by Simon Pegg, could be the equivalent of a runaway-bride, but in a quirky British way. Working as a security guard seems uneventful as is his overall life, which is full of laziness and fear. Flashbacks of leaving his pregnant fiancée at the alter 5 years ago starts to replay in his mind and so in order to even try and win her back, Dennis must ditch the cigarettes, endure painful spatula whippings from his neighbour and prove that he can finish what he started with her by running the London marathon. There's only one minor setback, he's competing with her new seemingly perfect boyfriend who won't stand for defeat. 

Aside from the wit of Simon Pegg, the supporting roles brought more to the story, especially his neighbour (played by Harish Patel). The fight scene, if you can even call it that, between Whit (Hank Azaria) and Dennis (Simon Pegg) was hilarious too! The story is predictable but it's still full of sweet, funny and empowering scenes, plus there is a heartwarming and rather mature bond between father and son, in a similar way with two characters Sam and Daniel, from the movie Love Actually.

Don’t run away from this movie until you at least give it a chance.