Friday, February 25, 2011

I Dare You

Movie Review

Parlez-vous francais? Un peu – which for any non-speaking French people, translates to a little bit, in English. Personally, I enjoy watching foreign films. They could be from Asia, France, Germany, India or anywhere in the world. Sometimes, I will be adventurous and try to just watch a movie to see how much I can understand, and other times, it’s a real blessing to have the option of subtitles!

Love Me If You Dare is a movie that I stumbled upon when I browsing through the international film section. It is yet another beautiful French film, filled with wonder and mystery, directed by Yann Samuell.  

What starts out as an innocent game during childhood between both characters Julien and Sophie, soon turns into an emotional struggle of survival throughout the rest of their adult lives. The dares seem simplistic enough to begin with, but as the years pass by and the game continues, the dares start to carry a lot of underlying ammunition.

It’s fascinating and perhaps a little morbid to watch Julien and Sophie’s lives spiral out of control over a measly game that could have been stopped long ago. However the yearning to hold onto each other seems almost like a surreal experience, and not the typical romantic fairy tale that love is made out to always be.

This was an amazing movie on so many levels. What I got out of the movie is that trying to run away from something much deeper inside your heart and soul is harder than anyone could ever dare to admit.