Friday, February 18, 2011

I’ve Never Really Known How To Live Without You

Movie review:

In the movie, It’s Complicated, after 10 years of being divorced, Jane and Jake played by Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin find themselves in each other’s arms after reuniting for their son’s graduation. Jane is a workaholic and is unsure about going back into the dating scene, while Jake has taken the plunge again, this time marrying a younger woman. As Jane battles being the other woman in this discrete yet exciting affair, she is suddenly courted by a new love interest played by Steve Martin who is recently divorced and wants to start anew. Going on dates yet still sleeping with your jealous ex-husband who wants you back, doesn’t seem so easy anymore and so Jane and Jake need to decide what kind of benefits they are really looking for so things won’t remain complicated.

I loved every second of this movie! Everyone can relate to this film in some way as relationships at any age or of any kind are not always simple. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin were fantastic together. The dialogue between them was really entertaining. Add in the painfully shy but zany character played by Steve Martin, and this was a sure hit. John Krasinski from the popular show The Office had a small but great role worth mentioning too. There were tons of hilarious scenes especially one involving a webcam and some tender moments as well that had a lot of meaning. 

It was anything but complicated to go out and purchase this movie, which I know that I will watch repeatedly and hopefully you’ll feel the same.