Monday, September 7, 2009

~In want of courage, it is a shield for me, in want of hope, it reassures and carries me~

There are many reasons why I love VNV Nation and why they remain so close to my heart. Their music and lyrics touch me in such emotional and spiritual ways. Seeing them at St. Andrew's in 2007 brought an overwhelming sense of clarity, happiness and of course faith. I need that feeling now. The physical pain that i'm going through seems like it will never disappear. I want to keep believing that this unknown sickness that has fallen upon me will decide to leave in peace.

I realize no matter what, time does not stop. It doesn't stop for heartache, or anger, confusion, or even sickness. It doesn't care about the trivial things or the most important, it just continues on as it always has, and never stops.

VNV Nation - Endless Skies
How many years since you found yourself
Staring at an endless sky?

Unaware of yourself
Who you are and where you're going
Only living
Only breathing
Losing all sense of time

The most fragile of things
Captivates and embraces you
Surrender and be witness
To this rarest of moments

You live within the sense of the order of things
What is truth
What is important
What defines you

No need to fear
No need to worry
About years that passed
About time you lost

Live seconds as a lifetime
Time it does not matter
You live within the sense
Of the stillness of time