Friday, May 29, 2009

~A totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind~

William and I had a wonderful time travelling to Bramalea City Center last Sunday. It was relaxing for us and actually our first trip outside the city together! We arrived early and spent 4 hours at the! It's a huge place and had a great selection of stores. I love the sandals he bought for me. They are really cute and comfortable! We separated for a while so he could go to work, and then met up a few hours later for dinner at Applebee's. The ride back to Windsor was great because the sun was slowly setting and the sky looked so beautiful. I was really lost in the moment. Combined with a lovely day together, the atmosphere, and listening to cds that I brought and his massive collection, I wish the night didn't have to end!

This week, he totally surprised me with a huge gargoyle that I have named Virtue! When I opened up the box, I was in tears. I have such a thoughtful and romantic partner. Virtue is adapting to his new living space and here is a picture of my newest stone-pet.

Back tracking a bit, I got myself involved in an interesting art photography project with a fine arts student from the University. I cannot disclose the details since it's all confidential right now and I had to sign an agreement, but hopefully the photos will be available at a later time if they are chosen. I really think I did an exceptional job at not only bringing a creative idea but also having someone embrace a completely different side of them in front of me. It took some coaching and patience but the end result was well worth it.

I have my first Sociology midterm next week, so there is a lot of reading and studying to do. I also saw that registration for Fall is coming up so I have to decide which courses I want to take. Decisions, decisions!