Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~The sun is gonna keep on shining, brighter days on the horizon~

We've had a few days of beautiful weather to think about what to do with all the new space in our backyard from getting rid of all the dead trees; demolition is fun! Now this sudden cold front won't go away. I'm hoping that May will be a warm month full of sunshine. The only downfall to having hotter temperatures is going to University since most of the classrooms do not have adequate heat/air conditioning systems. We freeze in the winter and boil in the summer.

In other news, I was so geeked when I found out that Depeche Mode had a new album out called Sounds of the Universe but I've been listening to tracks and i'm disappointed! Every artist and band has to change up their image and sound but I don't feel as connected to the lyrics or the music itself. Perhaps it's because I am so fond of Songs of Faith and Devotion, Violator, Music for the Masses and the older albums. This new one will take some time to get used to, but i'll give it more of a chance and see. The official video for Wrong is now out. The song is catchy but I just watched the music video and all I can think of is Michael Myers vs Crash Test Dummies (not the band, but the actual dummies that test out cars!). As I'm writing this entry, I have the Devotional tour dvd playing which has me dancing in my seat and singing along so at least I can hold on tight to nostalgic DM!

I should mention that my website has a new home! I was logging into Geocities to update my page when I saw a nice little notice saying that they will be shutting down sometime in the summer and there won’t be any more free accounts. Emotions were high that day because this was very unexpected. Well, good thing I checked because I backed up all my files just incase they decided to close earlier and not inform people. I’ve spent the last while or so diligently working hard to get my page back up and running.

So now I'm on a cool site called and although it's been very different with editing styles and coding html, I love my new website. I’ve been getting many compliments on it. I'm even allowed to put music on which I have taken advantage of, so I'll be changing that up every now and again when I have the time. So here it is, MY REALM