Monday, March 26, 2018

A Whole Lotta Love For Our Little Planet: Love Beauty & Planet Review

 Love Beauty and Planet is certainly taking the natural beauty care industry by storm!

As a ChickAdvisor, I received this amazing complimentary package of body wash, shampoo and conditioner that I wanted to share my honest thoughts on.

Body Wash (473 ml)
  • Heavenly scent with the combination of shea butter and sandalwood. 
  • Love the pump format. 
  • silky texture when applying 
  • no residue left on the skin after rinsing off
  • clean and nourishing
  • no irritation (so far!)

Shampoo/Conditioner (400 ml) 
  • Again, the scent is wonderful. I never really used anything with sandalwood but you literally feel like you have stepped into a spa when you open up the bottle from this particular line.
  • Wish it came in a pump format
  • Both products have a nice light texture
  • Easy to rinse off
  • See ya dry hair - this conditioner leaves your hair touchably soft
For the packaging overall, I like that the bottle is 100% recycled plastic, even though the cap nor the pump are. With the on-going environmental issues with plastic, it would have been better to have it in a glass bottle that could be reusable. Maybe something to think about in the near future.

The sizes of the bottles are great! A lot of other brands have dinky sizes that may be awesome and effective, but only last a very short period of time. They stand by their cruelty-free and plant-based mantra, yet charge way more! Sorry, i'm still a bit of a budget shopper, so if I am going to pay more than usual for a product, I want it to last! These will be used quite a while in my home and so although it runs a bit higher in price, you do get a lot of product and value!

Other great things about the brand that you may resonate with:

Vegan, cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and plant-based ingredients.

Check out their other product lines:

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Love, Beauty and Planet get 4/4 Muse's!