Monday, January 29, 2018

Windsor's AVB Podcast

Well hello readers!

Happy January! Hopefully everyone had a relaxing holiday and all the horrible cold and flu bugs circulating didn't knock you down too badly. I've had a lot to blog about, so i'll be sitting down hopefully this week a bit to share my musings with all of you!

For now, I'd like to showcase my wonderful partner, Bill Nuvo!  He had a great opportunity to meet the crew and chat with A.J. Vanden Berghe, who is known for his AVB Podcasts that explore the arts and culture community here in Windsor, Ontario. 

Here is a sneak peek:  Podcast Clip with Bill Nuvo   

The Full podcast episode will be here soon, so stay tuned!


Part 1  Bill Nuvo - Part 1 
Part 2  Bill Nuvo - Part 2
Part 3  Bill Nuvo - Part 3
Bill Nuvo talks about his "Windsor Favourites"

Photo credit: AVB Podcast
Bill is on the left, A.J. is on the right.

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