Saturday, December 16, 2017

Super Sweese Bowls Arrival From Amazon!

I had to write a quick blog here on these incredible Sweese bowls that I found while shopping on

Most often, I shop at but I was surprised at the MAJOR price difference. So, along with a limited high-valued coupon that was available, it made the most sense to go the .com route!

Initially, I was struck by the beautiful bright colours, but realized that while aesthetically pleasing bowls are nice to have, they also need to be functional and versatile. Reading the description, they seemed exactly what we were looking for, so why not take the chance? 

Things I love so far about these bowls:
  • Fluted design (looks unique and they are easy to handle)
  • Dishwasher-safe (I just did my first one and they turned out great!)
  • Microwavable-safe (great for reheating leftovers!)
  • Easy to clean (if you're washing by-hand)
  • Stackable (we have limited space in the cupboards)
  • Ideal size (especially for cereal or a hot bowl of soup!)
  • Chip-resistant 
  • The colours are so vibrant

Stacked bowls

Gorgeous colours!

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