Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Baby Talk with Jordynne Sharp!

It’s always a great experience when I can meet new people. By “meet” that doesn’t always mean face-to-face either. No matter the distance, the Internet gives us the opportunity to connect with others in all sorts of ways.

Although my blog is not usually on the topic of parenthood, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to collaborate with another blogger and talk about her adventures of being a Mom! :)

I’d like to give a warm welcome to Mommy blogger, Jordynne, for taking the time to do this Q&A with me on my site!

Q&A with Jordynne:

Any favourite baby brands that you are passionate about, and can you tell me why they're a staple in your home?

One of my favourite baby items that I honestly never thought was something I would want to splurge on is the baby jogger stroller. It is so smooth and I rave about it all the time to my mommy friends. It folds up so easily and it has big wheels on it so its great for getting through any rough terrain (not that I'm offroading with a stroller!). I love that the straps are so comfortable for my son and really hold him in snuggly since he is a climber and will try to climb out of everything.  The only thing I dislike is that it's a little heavier than other strollers

It's interesting to note that some women don't experience any morning sickness or any bizarre food cravings, like the most commonly talked about pickles and ice cream! Did you have any issues and if so, how did you handle them?

I experienced morning sickness that lasted around 3 weeks. I lost weight during that time in my pregnancy since everything seemed unappetizing to me. I found that sour gummy candies really helped me through the nausea or any kind of food that was very watery, such as watermelon and cucumbers. Luckily the morning sickness did not last very long with me, however, I did get very bad swelling in my feet later on in the pregnancy. I had to make sure I was elevating my feet when I slept, to help bring the swelling down. I even bought bigger shoes.

Did you consider a home birth with a doula at any point during your pregnancy, or did you want to just stick to the traditional way of going into the hospital?

I never considered a doula or home birth because I was already so comfortable with my doctor. Everything was so sudden and brand new for me that I basically just did as my doctor suggested. I think for my next child though, it would be something I would consider now that I have already gone through the process once.

You must be armed with diapers galore right now! Are there any other must-haves that you stocked up before the baby came?

We had so many different brands of diapers before the baby was born; Huggies, Pampers, Kirkland and No Name. After he was born, we found that he leaked out of EVERYTHING! We ended up trying The Honest Company diapers and had very little issues with them. We now subscribe to them and get a package sent to us every month with diapers and wipes. We never need to worry about picking any up at the store. It just comes right to us and the prints are adorable!

How did you pick your baby's name?

My boyfriend and I could not agree on a name for our baby boy. It wasn't until about the seventh month that we finally agreed on the name Cohen! Someone suggested it and we both lit up and looked at each other and we just knew. It was perfect. This might be cheesy, but if you've ever seen the show the O.C. the main characters last name is Cohen and we both really love that show. He originally wanted to name our son Falcon, but I was very against the idea.

What is the biggest fear about being a new Mom?

I am such a worrier, everything scared me about being a new mom! No amount of reading could prepare me. I think my biggest fear as a new mom was SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) because it is a common thing and so heartbreaking. I was constantly going in his room and making sure he was breathing. To be honest, he’s 14 months old now and I STILL go in and place my hand on his chest and belly to feel him breathing.

Thanks Jordynne for this great Q&A!

Here are a few adorable pics to enjoy!

Family time!
Cohen & Mommy

Being a new Mom is quite a journey and so whether you're looking for the best products to buy for your baby, how to deal with finances, or just want to get a new perspective of the crazy yet excited world of Mommy-hood,  you’ll want to check out Jordynne’s blog: JWS Rant.