Sunday, November 13, 2016

Day-Tripping in Kingsville, Ontario.

It's been a nice distraction to close up our computers and get out and explore. There are so many places we haven't been to, so these day-trips that we've started to take are really a lot of fun and truly showcase the rich history of our region.

Recently, Bill and I took a lovely trip to Kingsville and visited the Canadian Transportation Museum and Heritage Village, complete with our own personal tour guide! Neither of us are big car enthusiasts, but it was very interesting to learn about the car industry then and now.

Just a few pics, lots more here: Day-tripping adventures with Bill
All photos taken by Melissa F. Arditti (please contact me to use any photos)

1930 - Ford Model A Roadster with mannequins!
Photo by Melissa F. Arditti
Rolls Royce!
Photo by Melissa F. Arditti
After our tour, we decided to grab a bite to eat before heading back to Windsor. We went to popular spot of Kingsville called Jack's Gastropub. A nice little pub-style restaurant with what they say is "a 'finer' approach to casual dining."  Right now they have a great Fall menu, but I will say that if you arrive earlier than 5 pm (certain items on the menu clearly state "serving after 5 pm") they are sticklers and the chefs won't prepare those entrees until then because according to the server, everything is made fresh. I must say, it's a little pretentious and even the server thought it was a silly rule.  Bill was salivating over the meatloaf, but we were early-birds and so we were out of luck. Darn, maybe next time.

The pub was pretty packed with people coming and going. We had to wait for a bit until a table was free. Once seated, we noticed people who were dressed to the nines (wedding parties and business gatherings) while others were in ball caps and t-shirts, chugging beer with their buddies

The menu was smaller than I had expected, but still had some good choices. They had comfort food with their own twist (harvest mac and cheese looked quite temping!) as well as local fish, chicken and lamb. Looking at the menu, prices felt a bit steep, so that is something to take note of.

Our server was attentive and friendly, so no complaints there.

Onto the food. I had a delicious quiche which was one of the specials. I know it looks weird with how the crust completely fell apart, but that's how it was served. Honestly, it was so flavourful that I didn't really care. It was freshly made and so you can appreciate it for the imperfect presentation.

My quiche with side salad
Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

Bill's meal was the Canadian Club:  Grilled chicken, maple-cider mayo, sliced apple, cheddar cheese and smoked bacon on a grilled naan bread with a side of coleslaw.  Lip-smacking good!

Canadian Club
Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

For dessert, we shared the apple-cranberry crisp with vanilla ice cream. A nice combo of sweet and tart with the cooling effect of vanilla ice cream. A challenge to eat in this little ramekin, but ended the meal perfectly.

Apple-cranberry crisp with vanilla ice cream.
More than enough for 2!
Photo by Melissa F. Arditti

After dining at Jack's, we were ready to make our way back to Windsor with satisfied bellies! I would definitely recommend stopping in here after exploring some of the sites that Kingsville has to offer.

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Jack's Gastropub gets 3/4 Purple Muse's.