Thursday, July 16, 2015

Minions Toy Controversy

It's rare that I will order a Happy Meal from McDonald's, unless they have a really cool promotion on to get a collectible toy that I want.  So being a huge fan of those adorably and quirky Minions, inside my meal was the Egyptian Minion.

For parents who are making a big deal saying these Minions are swearing and McDonald's should stop selling them, get over yourselves. If you have listened to the Minions speak in any of the movies, including Despicable Me 1 & 2, you would realize they just babble. There is nothing malicious going on.

After getting home from seeing the Minion movie (it was pretty good, not as great as D1 & D2, but it had amusing moments) with my friend Jen and her daughter Aya, The Count tallied up the votes and my new Minion (I named him Zulu) was accepted into the family!

I guess i'm always going to be a kid-at-heart. :)

The Count, Travelocity Gnome, Stay Puft, one of my many gargoyles; Patience,
my stuffed ring-tailed lemur 

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