Monday, June 22, 2015

Carrousel of the Nations: Eating our way through the city of Windsor (Part 2)

Well we ended up going to the Teutonia Club after all and enjoyed some food and entertainment. 

German Village

Teutonia Club was packed.

Watching the waltzing couples. :)

Pork Schnitzel but the bun lost the battle.

 On Sunday, we proceeded to the Filipino Community Centre , which was a delicious experience.

Adorable Filipino hut displaying food/drink choices
A beautiful stage. You have to see it in-person to really appreciate it.
 Has anyone had Adobo chicken or pork before?  If not, I suggest that you try it. 

Adobo Chicken with noodles
Adobo Pork with noodles

All photos by Melissa Arditti

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