Thursday, June 26, 2014

Packing anxiety...

Credit of art photo to: Natalie Dee
Okay, so the one thing I hate about packing is that I never feel like i'm prepared enough! It doesn't matter whether I'm going for a simple overnight trip or even just a few days, I get this strange packing anxiety. Usually I am a very organized person, but no matter what I do, I can't rid the feeling like I forgot something important and it's going to have a negative impact. I realize that I can easily go to a store and buy what I need, but my irrational thoughts get in the way and I begin to think, what happens if the stores close early and the hotel has nothing available, then what do I do? It may seem silly to some who read this, but honestly, it is something I would really like to work on, so when I go away, I can feel at peace and enjoy the time away, not riddled with stress, wondering what the heck I actually forgot that I really needed. 

This is what goes through my head: It might rain, so I better bring an could be really warm though, so I should bring an extra pair of socks to change out of, so my feet don't sweat, BUT it also might be cold, so I should also bring an extra sweater. If i'm a slob while eating out, I may stain my shirt or pants because I am notorious for spilling stuff on me, no matter how careful I am, so I should probably bring an extra shirt and another pair of pants. Hmm.. but what happens if I step into a really big puddle if there is a big rainstorm and totally soak my shoes? Maybe I should bring a backup pair in case. I have a travel size toothpaste but what happens if I run out and the hotel doesn't have any and all the other stores suddenly close early? Maybe I should just bring the larger size, to be on the safe side.

Then the final thought of thinking none of this will probably happen, so maybe I should just pack light. At this point, I feel like I am back to the beginning again and it's a viscous circle.

I am motivated to work through this issue, but I know it's a tough one.

Anyone else feel this way? How do you cope?