Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nature's Spirit Awakens

Collaborations take place all of the time in the literary world, however there is something truly enchanting when two kindred spirits can bring forth a sense of purpose, serenity, and wonder.

Creating a canvas of expressive poetry, coupled with outstanding visual compositions on each page, from the Canadian Rocky Mountains to other destinations in the western region, has allowed for acclaimed Canadian author and poet, Bob MacKenzie, and visual artist Sharlena Wood, to welcome the creation of Spirit Quest.

There are many nostalgic poems that may bring you back to your own childhood in the mountains or, if your journey has yet to be in this neck of the woods, you can simply appreciate Bob’s ethereal vision. In one piece called Spirit Guide, the words resonate while Sharlena captures fragmented and ghostly imagery.

 there was something perfect and complete connecting us
an unbreakable mystic union between his spirit and mine

Another poem, entitled Rose Lake, gives a sense of familiarity and the elusive longing for tranquility that is often subtle when it finally appears, yet so obvious when it leaves. The colours and vibrancy of this particular painting enhance Bob’s words.

that quiet place at the lake’s centre
loons and whispering ancient voices
and a peace I have never known since.

Spirit Quest unravels itself like an artistic dreamer’s diary, weaving in and out of the scope of reality and fantasy. Spirit Quest is a journey that you may not have a map for, but you’re certainly ready for what lies

For more information on the book and to order your copy, visit Spirit Quest on Facebook.