Monday, June 30, 2014

Go-Karting adrenaline rush.

I tend to be the person who says "I will watch and take pictures while you guys have fun" but I wanted to break out of my comfort zone a little bit.  I've always wanted to try go-karts, so this was a true adrenaline rush!  I was really proud of how well I did on the track too, despite a few speed racers who enjoyed the usual macho intimidation. Overall, it was pretty amazing, so chalk that up to another new experience.

There is a lot to do, but we just chose two activities this time around because we had a long drive back home, after being stuck in gridlock for almost 2 hours in the GTA! Highly recommend visiting Neb's Fun World in Oshawa, Ontario.

To end our time, we had a session of 5-pin bowling.
Look who won? :)