Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day weekend surprise!

I decided that I would offer anyone on my Facebook list to have the opportunity to get their nails done by me for Mother's Day weekend, with the free imPress nail kits that I received from Influencer.

My first "guinea pig" was really excited to have her nails done this way, as health-issues have been a hindrance to continue to get professional manicures, especially with the harsh smells of nail polish.

After reading the instructions and also watching a couple of the Youtube video reviews, my friend arrived at my house. I heard the 'oooh's and ahhhh's' since the first box that I got contained pink/black zebra print, and this is her favourite colour combination.

I did the following steps: Washed and dried her nails, cleansed her nails with the complimentary alcohol towelette, filing wasn't necessary, organized the press-on nails to fit each fingernail, peeled the tab back, stuck on each finger, and she pressed firmly for about 30 seconds to make sure all the nails were sturdy.

Before I knew it, the whole process was done!  Hoping her nails will last at least up to a week, as stated on the package.

So for now, Broadway imPress Nails, gets a B rating.

PROS: no nail polish smell, no basecoat/top coat needed, good length, pretty designs, holds its place on fingernail, tab is sticky

CONS: had some difficulty opening the bottle top, difficult to find the right size for each nail on the first attempt,

TIPS:  lay out the nails in the order that you are applying them, so it's easier to do all of them in the right sequence.

Gail's pretty new nails.