Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy holidays!

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve with my love, seeing Saving Mr. Banks and enjoying dinner at Caesar's: The Artist Cafe. Coming home, we stopped by for a little visit with Bill's mom and watched the end of A Christmas Carol and Gremlins. We came home, snuggled up into bed, and fell asleep to Christmas Vacation. :)

It's now Christmas morning.

I gave Bill his present a few weeks ago. So now to add to his diversely growing book collection, 700 Sundays, written by Billy Crystal. Witty, heart-warming, and inspirational. This book was beyond difficult to find in-store, but thanks to Amazon, it all worked out.

In other news...someday, I will visit Duke Lemur Center and play with the lemurs.

Until that time, I am surrounded this early morning, by my ring-tail lovelies (including two more from my beau; a lemur puppet, and a cute lemur figurine). Oh and yes, I even grew a little tail as well. ;)

Happy holidays!