Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There are so many articles and memes that are passed around and it's hard to know sometimes what we should actually be concerned about. Dr. Joe Schwarcz is incredibly knowledgeable on a variety of subjects pertaining to our health and well-being and his Facebook page puts to rest a lot of misinformation that may alarm or confuse us. I don't agree on everything, and you probably won't either, but it still is a valuable resource to check out.

While on the subject, this is actually one of the most important posts that I can make here on Blogger.


If you don't want to do it for your own protection, do it for those who aren't able to protect themselves.

The flu shot does not mean that you will NOT get the flu. There are no guarantees, but chances are, it will be in a milder form. I took it this year (I've had it every year) as a preventative so I will not get horribly ill or infect others who may have a weaker immune system.

I understand that other health guru's tell you that you're injecting poison into your body and the government wants to keep us all sick (note my sarcasm) but it's still the right thing to do. It is horrifying to know that parents are not even getting their children vaccinated.

So I will say it again....


Get it from your doctor, pharmacist, clinic, community center, or wherever it is available.

Take the time to view some informative links that are posted below:

Hopefully some of your fears have lessened and you're ready to roll up your arm or at least get your kids vaccinated. It's too important not to mention, especially as the sneezing-coughing-runny nose season sneaks up way too quickly.

If I have changed even a few minds, this blog post was worth it. :)